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Mirabilia: Best Sellers

MD96 November Topaz Fairie

"Next in the series of the lovely birthstone beauties is the Topaz Fairie. She has iridescent dragonfly wings that carry her in a pale lemon chiffon dress. She is harvesting the las crimson blooms of summer to brighten her winter days. The citron stones and sparkling beads crown her the Fairie Queen of November."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Belfast Cream Linen.
Stitch Count: 178 x 223.
Design area: 11.25" x 14.75".

Buy Pattern: $14.50

MD95 Mermaid of Atlantis

"The legend of the mermaids of Atlantis can be traced back as far as the eight century BC. She swims about the marble halls, greek columns and ascending stairs covered in coral. Such beauties are the keepers of pirates treasure and the caretakers of the lost city of Atlantis. Although they have never been caught there have been many, sightings near rocky cliffs and the waves at dusk."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Laurel Linen.
Stitch Count: 120 x 249.
Design area: 7.50" x 15.75".

Buy Pattern: $14.50

MD85 Mermaids of the Deep Blue

"Two daughters of the sea swim gracefully toward treasure lost.
Their tails sparkle like diamonds and emeralds.
Their hair flows around them like veils of silk.
They are real and fairytale combined to become beauties of the deep."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Zweigart Amsterdam Blue Linen.
Stitch Count: 156 x 312.
Design area: 9.75" x 19.50".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD90 White Christmas

"On Christmas Eve the Gothic windows were laced with frost. Icicles gleam as the snow flutters in silence. A lady in red cups her hands around a single snowflake and tiny crystal snow drops are scattered across her plush, velvet cape. May all of your Christmas Eves be filled with magical beauty and peace."

Suggested fabric: 28 count Country Hazelnut Linen.
Stitch Count: 130 x 281.
Design area: 9.5" x 20.0".

Buy Pattern: $14.50

MD91 Autumn in My Garden

"Planting bulbs, covering perennials, and harvesting the end of summer pumpkins, are all joys near to a gardener's heart. The fourth design in our garden series celebrates autumn in all its windblown glory.
Hang all four together or one at a time to beautifully illustrate the changing seasons."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Natural Linen.
Stitch Count: 180 x 260.
Design area: 11.25" x 16.25".

Buy Pattern: $14.50


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